Empowering parents to encourage and inspire their children to achieve their full potential through positive sporting experiences.
Parents will gain awareness, understanding, guidance, knowledge and education that will better equip them to offer positive support to their children in their sporting endeavours. It will empower them to co-create a balanced and positive sporting experience with their children by being fully aware of all the factors at play, ensuring long term growth and development in sport and life, as well as the opportunity to become competitive sports people or active for life.

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Journal Club: UK professional male cricketers’ mental health and support experiences: A qualitative exploration

Recently, UK professional cricket has seen tragic events, powerful testimonies, and increased media attention surrounding mental health, yet the experiences of players and the support they receive has continued...
  • 2 hours
  • 0

Journal Club: (Almost) 50 Shades of an Ethical Situation – International Physiotherapists’ Experiences of Everyday Ethics: A Qualitative Analysis.

Different cultures and societal structures influence the ethical experiences of physiotherapists. The study aimed to discover and describe contextual shades of ethical situations experienced by physiotherapists in their global...
  • 2 hours
  • 0

Journal Club: Sport Specialisation and Overuse Injuries in Adolescent Throwing Athletes: A Narrative Review

A significant number of adolescent athletes throughout the worldcparticipate in various throwing-dominant sports, including but not limited to baseball, cricket, handball, softball, track and field throwing events, and water...
  • 2 hours
  • 0

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Don't Miss Out On The Silver Bullet of Coaching Series

Following our introductory webinar, part 1 of 3 in the Silver Bullet introductory series will provide coaches with guidelines to be more effective communicators, give insight into training and managing the sports brain, as well as practically how to deal with a multi-talented athlete.

Guiding Sport Parents

The role of parents in sport is becoming more important. However, research has shown that parental influences can have both positive and negative effects depending on the practices, behaviours and styles adopted. These simple guidelines will assist you in your journey as a sporting parent and enhance your child's sporting experience.


We have enjoyed successful relationships
with the following schools and institutions.


Hear from yourself from some of our coaches,
athletes, parents and children.


We were indeed honoured to have a lady of your experience and knowledge address both the parents and coaches on the most relevant topics pertaining to Sport & Life’s Lessons.

Philip W Nienaber & Staff
Grey Jnr School: Sports Co-ordinator

Mary-Ann Dove has tremendous value to add both to professional sports people as well as those who aspire to become professional and their management teams. I have found that she possesses the unique ability to understand her clients and engage with them in the individual way that they each require. She has a wealth of working knowledge and experience with regard to communication as well as knowing how to holistically take care of the whole person. Here is a professional who not only understands the value of mental coaching and player development, but truly cares about her players and is prepared to walk the extra mile with them.

Melonie Gobel
CEO, Social Entrepreneur and Executive Coach

In my opinion, the nature in which Mary Ann deals with the players is where her true value lies. Each player is dealt with uniquely and an individualized action plan is developed. More importantly, Mary Ann takes it upon herself to follow up regularly with the players to track their progress, and sometimes to add a little motivation! I really enjoyed working with Mary Ann and look forward to our paths crossing in the future.

Kyle Brown
ex Captain, South African Rugby 7s